Strata Studios, Yellowknife NT, Canada

December 29, 2009

Works for Sale

Facing North

Two new works in a travelling exhibition: Facing North – as part of the Albert Based Group the Coyotes Artist Collective.

Currently on display at the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre until February 2013, along with 11 other outstanding Canadian artists

6 colour block print

6 colour block print


A Cozy Backyard Studio

A generous loan of my parents’ detached garage meant it was possible for me to start my own art studio!  After a summer of renovations, and the lucky find of a large flatbed printing press, I was able to begin work.

Inside Strata Studios (it’s never this tidy)…

There is an area for drawing and painting, a corner for printing and inking, and shelves for my research and reference material.  It makes for a functional and cheery place to make my art.

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A Bit of a Bio

Leaf spiral in chainlink fence – Organic Drawing class, NSCAD. The Commons, Halifax (2005)

A graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, I returned to my home in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories to live and work. Currently I’m working on my art whenever I can.

Elements of the natural world are a recurring theme in my work, and whether working with printmaking, drawing, digital or mixed media, I am excited by the different and distinct ways there are in each medium to develop my ideas.

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The Ideas

The focus of my much of my work is linked to the visual experiences and exploration of my Northern surroundings.

Elements of found organic objects, geology, ice, birds and botany feature prominently in my pieces, and I enjoy exploring the macroscopic and microscopic relationships of each of these themes.

A moose skull found on the shore of Great Slave Lake.

I like to work with themes or in series, and usually always begin with a reference – a photo, something I’ve found on the ground, or maybe a scientific document –  these references are placed or layered within a piece.

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Recently, I have been working primarily with printmaking. The versatility of this technique allows me to express my detail-rich images through drawing, painting, scratching, erasing and etching – elements of which are sometimes all used in an image, and reveal the manner in which the print has evolved to reach its final state.

“Great Slave Ice Jam” monoprint, digital print (2009)

New ideas for digital printmaking are emerging (ie, using images made on a desktop printer and combining them with traditional printmaking methods).  I am excited to explore this area further.

What is Printmaking?

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Other Skills

Please contact me for commissions or contract work:

* prints/drawings
* scientific illustration
* scene painting
* design

The printing press arrived in a big crate from Vancouver.